Mark Rimple



Mark Rimple's lute solos had the interpretive specificity of a great vocal performance.


​The Philadelphia Inquirer


The [lute] works also clearly share Rimple’s extraordinarily sensitive playing. His careful attention to each work’s design allows for a rhetorical pause or delay here, a burst of energy there, a lovingly turned ornament elsewhere. In a manner of speaking, he makes these pieces transparent; one can easily hear the main melodic thrust of each selection despite the complexity of the diminutions or variations layered upon it. These pieces breathe.

 Early Music America


 Although lutenists may know of [Rimple] through his recordings and performances with Trefoil, the Newberry Consort, Piffaro, Pomerium, and numerous other ensembles, Mr. Rimple has not hitherto figured among the country’s leading lute virtuosi. That is about to change... All of this music is very well played throughout, with impeccable technique and musicianship, which should be sufficient to place Mr. Rimple among the first rank of U.S. lutenists.

Lute Society of America Quarterly